1000s Of GSA SER Links


Do you need to create 1000s of links daily for SEO?

If that is so, then GSA Search Engine Ranker is the perfect solution for anybody involved with SEO whether they are building links to their sites or to sites of their clients.

1000s of links with gsa

So what can GSA SER do for you?

GSA is one of the kind software that can build links on many different open-source platforms. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that use these kind of platforms so you can imagine how many links you can build.

It is a perfect tool for indexing your existing links and sending authority juice to your tier 1,2 and 3 links.

How to make it work?

It’s very easy to create links using this application. First of all you need to register accounts on those websites where you want your link to be placed. In order to do that you will need an email address and all the registration info.

The software supports spintax which means each of your usernames and profiles details can be completely unique. This is important as Google and other major search engines constantly look for clues or footprints to prevent black hat SEO optimized websites to dominate searches.

Once the first step is complete, you will need an articles or some sort of text with your backlinks placed somewhere inside. Again, the software supports spintax so all your articles can be completely unique.

The one last step is to start posting text into your registered accounts to get those backlinks.

What’s needed for success?

In order to get the maximum benefit from using GSA is to have a huge list of websites. You can either scrape them your self or buy a list somewhere on the forums (try this). It’s important to constantly scrape for more websites. Thousands of websites go offline daily so it’s likely that some of the websites that work today won’t work tomorrow.

It’s also a good idea to invest into content spinning tools and services. Since you are going to be building backlinks on 1000s of sites, its crucial to have tons of unique content to avoid any penalties from search engines. There are many good software out there that can create 1000s of unique articles withing minutes.

Another thing to invest in is proxy or VPN server. As you can imagine having so much activity from one IP address can raise some red flags and you can get your IP blacklisted quite easily.

And last but not least – internet connection. If you want higher success rate and faster processing speed than a good internet connection is a must!

5 Underground Link Sources


5 underground seo methodsWhile most SEO use regular methods to get their backlinks, there is a big opportunity to score some real quality backlinks from real websites that will give you a massive SERP boost and might even get traffic to your blog. Here are some  underground methods that you can use to boost your SEO:

Fiverr Blog Mentions

While most of Fiverr backlinks are garbage, you can really score some good backlinks if your search around. First of all you need to make a list of all people that offer “guest posts” in your niche. The fact is, these are not guest posts but blog mentions which means you will get a contextual links in the article (which is actually much better than a bio link). Then contact these sellers individually and ask to see a list of their websites. While most of these sites are going to be of very low quality, you are sure to find some that have a very powerful array of backlinks pointing to them.


Yes that’s right! Most people have left this strategy to dust on the shelves however you can get some powerful backlinks from these. There are thousands of directories out there so you need to look for quality ones. It’s easy to understand which ones provide quality and which ones are spammed to death that can get de-indexed any day. Pick those directories that have offer do-follow links and have inbound links pointing to the category you want to choose. Just use common sense and you are likely to end up with some very powerful backlinks.


Every company love testimonials so if you are using a product then just contact the creator and offer to put your testimonial up on their website. Some of these testimonials get displayed on the front page so you can really score with this one!

Broken Link Building

This technique involves you go searching for broken links on niche related blogs and then contacting a webmaster to replace the broken link with a link from your website. It is important that your website is of high quality and you have content that matches perfectly. This is somewhat time consuming but you can end up with some really kick-ass links that your competitors can only dream of.

Guest Posts Through Twitter

Many websites do accept guest posts and the best part is many of them mention it on social media. Go to twitter and search for your niche and “guest post” and you might be just shocked with how many different websites accept guest posting. All you will have left to do is to contact those webmasters and offer an interesting topic that you can write on.

These are some of the most powerful backlinking methods that you can start utilizing right now to build up your backlinking profile with some unique and powerful backlinks.

Important 2015 Ranking Factors


Still somewhat confused on what you should be and shouldn’t be doing when building backlinks in 2015? Well this infographic clearly shows which SEO things will benefit and which will harm your website in Google searches. Here is a quick overview:

  • Make your website very user friendly. Make it so it will be easy for people to find information and navigate website
  • Create good on-page SEO and mark everything accordingly
  • Create quality content that is SEO optimized and shareable on social media because social media is becoming increasingly important in search engine rankings
  • Create good backlinks from reputable and niche related websites
  • Improve user experience by having fast websites with great design
  • Mare sure your website is mobile responsive
  • Put sharing buttons on your website so your content is easily sharable. Also have your own social media channels connected to your money site
  • Keep up with all previous updates, learn what they were all about and who got penalized and who got benefited from them

2015 important ranking factors


2015 Link Building


2015 ranking factorsBuilding links has always been an very important component of internet marketing. The right kind of links can move you up spaces, if not to the top of the servers landing page. If you are in a crowded market field, or even if not, being at or near the top of that page can be all the difference on whether that elusive customer clicks on your website or your competitors. The savvy e-commerce entrepreneur knows that their marketing depends on SEO and the building of links. It takes more thought to your efforts than just cramming your website copy with keywords. It takes thought and strategy.

What goes into SEO? It is about having content that is of value to others. Gone are the days of old when keyword stuffing was the norm. The algorithms that are used by search engines to rank web pages are becoming year after year increasingly sophisticated. Meaningful links are harder to come by but do not fret, links still can be built, all it takes is effort on your or your webmasters part. Links will definitely affect your page ranking.

Building links is really a matter of updating your web site with fresh content and posting engaging content. Give the reader something to read. Give them something they wish to comment on. Give them something that they are willing to share, especially on social media sites.

Encourage your readers (customers) to comment on what is posted on your site. You are the bold entrepreneur, contact competitors in your field.

Hopefully you have written narrow that your site can apply to their products and services as well. Ask them to link to your website. This is one of the most valuable links you can have.

Things To Understand In SEO In 2015:

1. Understand how to measure link quality using MOZ DA/PA and Majestic Trust/Citation Flow. Since PR has updates have been discontinued by Google, the best way to measure the quality of links is by using 3rd party metrics. To give you some stats, DA/PA of over 20 and Trust/Citation flows of over 10 are good. It is equally important to look at what links are pointing to a website you are about to link from.

2. Build your links gradually. It’s important not to mess this up. If you are buying a service make sure to select drip feeding option. Having 100s of links built to your website one day and none for the next 5 is a big RED FLAG for search engines.

3. As mentioned earlier it is important these days to get your content socially shared. This is where “content is king” saying comes from. If you have really good content you will save yourself time because links will be built for you

4. Nobody has extra time and search engines understand that very well. If you website is slow it will effect your rankings. Google is all about user experience so if your website is slow you will not rank high. The same thing goes for mobile version of your website. If you website isn’t mobile friendly you will not rank high in mobile searches. In fact Google had a recent update on this matter.

5. And last but not least is you have to concentrate on user experience. Your website should be designed and content should be created for your visitors and not for search engines. The truth is user-friendly website = searchengine-friendly website.